End your wrapping grief!

Take the wrestle out of food wrap with Wraptor Teeth. A kitchen tool that gives you an easy way to cut food wrap. It's a removable, inside drawer mounted food wrap cutter that installs in seconds and lasts a lifetime.

Watch Wraptor Teeth in Action!


Wraptor Teeth is a welcome guest who has been a REGULAR in our home! I highly recommend this product to ANYONE who has a kitchen!

– Dr. Anne Marie

I have been using the Wraptor teeth for over a year on pretty much a daily basis. It’s like a utensil that you wouldn’t ever want to be without. I love it!!

- Julia P.

Terrific product! Simple and easy to use, no more struggles with the cheap cutter that comes with the carton. Thanks for making life in the kitchen a little bit easier.

– Paul E.

Cooking with kids can be challenging but even the youngest can open the drawer and tear off the strip of wax paper, foil or saran wrap when needed. It is safe and easy to use!!

- Allana


Will it fit my drawer?

Wraptor Teeth will fit in most conventional drawers with a maximum width of 3/4". For smaller sizes, we provide you with spacers which will create a tight and secure fit to ensure you get those perfects cuts time and time again.

Do you really offer a lifetime warranty?

Yes, yes we do. Even with daily use of Wraptor Teeth we fully expect our product to last as long as you do. Wraptor Teeth is made from a high quality, durable plastic manufactured in North America. It installs in seconds but lasts a lifetime!